WallPrim Pro (TINTED)

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Pure & Original WallPrim is a primer that is specially formulated for Pure & Original Classico, Fresco and Marrakech applications. Under normal circumstances, Classico chalk based paint does NOT need a primer. However, WallPrim is recommended for very slick or "plasticy" surfaces (such as laminate, melamine, IKEA or Pottery Barn furniture, lacquer finishes, etc.). WallPrim is STRONGLY recommended as a base for ALL Fresco and Marrakech applications. TINTED WallPrim is ideal for wall applications and helps your paint to blend seamlessly with the undercoat. Marrakech is typically a one-step application if TINTED WallPrim is used. Wall Prim can be easily applied with a roller. Coverage: 85-110 sf per liter (40-50 sf per pint)

**If TINTED WallPrim is selected, it will be tinted in the color of paint also selected. You may note any specifications in the "Comments" section of your order.**

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