Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint

Fresco Lime Paint is a specialty paint product that provides an authentic, aged lime finish with subtle variations of color, similar to a “suede-like” look.

It can be applied vertically (using both the horizontal or flat edge, as well as the vertical or narrow edge of the brush) or in a random, swirled or cross-hatched application that offers a "cloudy" or "milky" finish. Because of the lime base, colors tend to be just a bit lighter than their Classico counterparts on the Color Card. 

Wall Prim (tinted or untinted) is STRONGLY recommended as a base for ALL Fresco applications.

(1) Application, Coverage and Dry Time

Fresco is applied in two coats with the Fresco Brush. (A roller may NOT be used with Fresco, but the Wall Prim can be easily applied with a roller.) The first coat should be diluted with water so that it is of a latex consistency. Different colors will require a different amount of water. Add water slowly and mix in gently! You will notice that the paint is very dark as it is applied, but it will dry to color. While Fresco's dry time is 2-3 hours, the second coat should be applied at least eight (8) hours later and should be diluted with water just a bit more (about 10%) to glide over the original application with ease. Coverage: 85-110 sf per liter (40-50 sf per pint)

(2) Eco-Friendly

Like Classico, Fresco is an environmentally-friendly product. It is a natural, mineral-based paint composed of quick lime and natural pigments.

(3) 150 Colors

Fresco is available in 150 of Pure & Original’s colors. These are rich, warm, earthy colors that enhance and enrich the surfaces they are applied to.

(4) Top Coats Available

Dead Flat Eco Sealer is an excellent option as a protective, washable top coat. It is ideal for high traffic or high humidity areas (such as bathrooms and kitchens) or on heavily used surfaces. The Eco Sealer does not change the finish, but it WILL enhance the color. Alternately, you may use Lime Soap or wax. These will also enhance the color, but not with quite as much intensity as the Eco Sealer.

** Note: It is important to wait 7-10 days before applying a top coat to the Fresco finish, allowing time for the lime to fully cure. **


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